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Thank you Newgrounds, this is for you! #COMEBACK

2017-09-23 20:25:45 by Dj-Gonzo

Hello NG Community, huge news:

I've decided to take a step forward with what it was only a hobby years ago, music production. Soon I am going to open a YouTube Channel dedicated only to my songs, and maybe tutorials or requests regarding FL Studio.

For now, I've just opened a dedicated Twitter account for my music productions, where I am planning to give some Sytrus and Sylenth presets I make for my projects.You can check it out here: https://twitter.com/GTBishere

I hope I can return everything that this community gives me: motivation, support, cool advices and reviews.

Seriously, thank you all! That's why I am glad to announce:

#COMEBACK ==> GTB feat. Haneul - Distance [25/9/17]



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2017-09-23 21:36:40

Good luck on your journey!