My gift for the NG Community

2017-05-28 13:58:18 by Dj-Gonzo

Hey little stranger out there,

Newgrounds as a community has always supported me as an amateur music producer since 2011, back when I was just 14 years old. Since then I grew up and found some other producers here that helped me to improve from my roots to what I am now.

Now that I'm 21, I see how this hobby has reached a next level in my life, and that is thanks to this beautiful community that has kept my motivation high to keep producing and learning by myself.

As a result, after 2 years of work, I managed to end TheFatRat remix. This song is for this community, and for how much I value NG as a whole.

Thanks for these beautiful 6 years together!




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2017-05-28 14:08:28

I'll be reaching 6 years towards the end of June this year; nice to find someone who's signed up the same year as I have. Congratulations on the milestone!


2017-05-28 14:50:43

I remember R4Ring this back in the day when it was just a tiny little WIP that could. Great to see it finally released! If I was a trance DJ I would definitely work this into my sets - this is great.


2017-05-29 17:20:04

i almost thought you where leaving NG .. :\
but its good to have you back :D uh wait.. to still have you :D
Really enjoyable remix!